Episode 15: Ben Tazer

In today’s episode, we bring you part two of a podcast crossover with writer Ben Tanzer. To hear part one, check out This Podcast Will Change Your Life episode 130, featuring host Jim Warner and executive producer Aubrie Cox.


About the Guest: 

Ben Tanzer is the author of the books Orphans, which won the 24th Annual Midwest Book Award in Fantasy/SciFi/Horror/Paranormal and a Bronze medal in the Science Fiction category at the 2015 IPPY Awards, Lost in Space, which received the 2015 Devil's Kitchen Reading Award in Prose Nonfiction, The New York Stories and SEX AND DEATH, among others. He has also contributed to Punk PlanetClamor, and Men's Health, serves as Senior Director, Acquisitions for Curbside Splendor and a Lecturer in the Lake Forest College Loop program, frequently speaks on the topics of messaging, framing, social media, blogging, fiction and essay writing and independent publishing and can be found online at tanzerben.com the center of his vast lifestyle empire.


Music for today's episode is provided by:

Pleasant DelaySmiles Are the Batteries, and Bedford: Year One Bedford | Used with permission from the band.