Episode 11.5: Haiku North America Scene Report Feat. kala ramesh

Haiku Chronicles is proud to present a film produced by Kala Ramesh
HaikuWALL India —an attempt to bring haiku into everyday spaces.

Poet, Kala Ramesh has been instrumental in bringing school kids and undergrads to haiku in India. Her latest passion is to paint city walls with haiku written by her students, helping to weave a pause, a breather into hectic lives.

One way of making poetry into action is through graffiti. While graffiti is frowned upon and considered illegal by the rest of the world, in India it gets the support of the property owners and in some places even of the government. It is not so much rebellious as reflective.

Produced by Kala Ramesh
Directed by Payal Kulkarni
Cinematography & Editing by Kaustubh Joshi
Music by Bapu Padmanabha

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Today's microcast comes to us from the 2015 Haiku North America Conference at Union College. Poet Kala Ramesh discusses HaikuWALL India—a collaboration between poets, painters, graffiti artists, and local communities to transform city walls with haiku-driven art.

Special thanks to Haiku Chronicles for allowing us to share the video on our website.


About the Guest:

Kala Ramesh is a classical Indian musician, poet, and director of the World Haiku Club in India. She is the former Poetry Editor at Katha, a renowned New Delhi publishing house, and now serves as the chief haiku mentor for the Creative Writing Initiative of Katha and the Central Board of Secondary School. She has been instrumental in bringing school kids, undergrads and senior citizens to haiku, senryu, tanka, haibun and renku in India. Kala has organised four haiku festivals in her country in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2013, and is planning for a World Haiku 2016 Utsav in September in Pune where she lives. Under her initiative, IN haiku was formed on 23rd February at the Haiku Utsav 2013 — to get Indian haiku poets under one umbrella to promote, enjoy and sink deeper into the beauty and intricacies of this art form. 

As an external faculty member of the Symbiosis International University since 2013, she teaches haiku, tanka, haibun, tanka prose and renku. Many of my students' haiku can be read on the Mann Library's Daily Haiku site


Today's Music Provided By:

15 EtudesPeter RudenkoCC BY 3.0

Bapu Padmanabha (HaikuWALL India video)