Episode 11: Literati Bookstore's Hilary and Mike Gustafson

As part of our continuing series highlighting literary couples, we sit down with Hilary and Mike Gustafson from Literati Books to discuss the role of independent bookstores in the community as well as balancing personal and professional lives. We also present our second installment from the anthology Songs of My Selfie (Three Rooms Press) with a reading from Tyler Barton.


About the Guests:

Hilary and Mike Gustafon are the owners and co-founders of Literati Bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Prior to opening Literati, Hilary worked as a sales representative for Simon & Schuster, after earning a degree in politics and international relations from Scripps College. Mike Gustafson, originally from Lowell, Michigan, is a former freelance journalist and video producer. The couple lives in Ann Arbor.

Tyler Barton is a teacher and workshop leader from southcentral Pennsylvania. He is the fiction editor of Third Point Press and an MFA candidate at Minnesota State University. His stories have appeared in Matter PressWhiskeyPaperKnee-jerk Magazine, and elsewhere. Links to many of these stories can be found at tsbarton.com. Follow him @goftyler.


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